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Sunday, June 26, 2022

"Morty" Chihuahua, Dark Brindle, San Francisco


Morty is a four year old dark brindle Chihuahua mix. When he was being walked by his person at 1:30 AM he was wearing a harness attached to a leash. Somewhere along the line after becoming lost, the harness and leash came off and was later found. 

There were numerous possible sightings but none could be confirmed, so we started back at the last place his person was known to be holding the leash and walking him. Asia did pick up on a track that led all around the area and eventually went into Golden Gate Park. 

The search was stopped at 4 hours and Morty's person said he would continue to look for him. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

"Nadja" Siberian, Grey with white, Oakland Found!!!


I received an email that Nadja returned home after being missing for a week. The construction crew noted her sitting on the back fence and informed her people!! I was told she was very hungry, thirty and disoriented, but was resting at home.

Nadja is an indoor/outdoor, white with grey year old Siberian. She went missing from her home one evening when she didn't come home from dinner. She is wearing a collar and she is microchipped. There has been no sightings of Nadja since she went missing. She was seen by construction crews at the house around 4 PM when they left. 

The track we found led around the neighborhood and then straight north for over a mile, all the way into Berkeley, and then it went around and around all over the streets and neighborhoods. The search was stopped at 4 hours and they said they would continue to look for Nadja.

Based on the track we found and the lack of sightings, it does appear that Nadja was picked up near her house by someone, probably a transient looking for recycling from cans since the trash was picked up early the next morning. Once we got to Berkeley, it did appear that somewhere she got loose because the track was a lot more random and chaotic, more like a loose cat, than a human being walking. 

Unfortunately, this is common with cats since they are easy to carry and don't require to be walked like dogs. 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

"Sunshine/Fatty" DSH, Orange Tabby, Pleasant Hill


Sunshine is a microchipped three year old DSH, orange tabby who had recently moved into the new location with his person and another cat. He was previously a feral cat before this person, but had been strictly an indoor only cat with this person for the last couple of years

He broke through a screen window on the second night of this new location and was spotted in the area after a few days. We went to the sighting and followed the track for several miles. His person was great and talked to every single person we saw along the way, which is the best way to tell people about missing cats since people tend to ignore cats that they see. If flyers can be matched with an animal they see, they can easily call that person to tell them what they recently saw. 

Thursday, May 19, 2022

"Sarah," DMH, Black, San Francisco 

Sarah is a three year old DMH who was recently brought over from Russia. She is microchipped with a chip from Europe and her people were working on getting it registered here in the US. 

Her people were visiting some friends in San Francisco and was being walked around on a leash in the neighborhood. On the way back to the apartment, Sarah got spooked by a loud car driving by. She pulled from her person's arms and out of the collar and leash. They searched the area for hours but never found her. 

Eight days later they received a note about a cat that fit Sarah's description on a camera in a yard in another part of San Francisco. They were sent the photos and it did appear to be Sarah. We started the search there from the street, at the only entrance to the fenced and locked yard. 

Asia picked up the track leading out from the yard and down the streets. We continued the search for five hours and 10 miles around San Francisco, including the Presidio and Geary street. They are continuing to look for Sarah. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

"Chunky" DSH, Grey with Tabby Markings, South San Francisco

Chunky is an indoor only 10 year old Grey DSH with Tabby Markings. He is microchipped. He accidentally got out of his carrier from inside the car after a long trip. He took off from the car after hearing loud sounds from nearby cars. He has been missing for three weeks at the time of the search. There has been numerous sitings of him in the area, but no one has been able to catch him. 

The track we found led around blocks and down streets and then back to the area. It even went into the garage where a trap was set and cameras recorded his appearance at the trap. It appeared that he was making it back to the area but was probably running into other animals back home, who then chased him out and away again. The track was also inside the complex and around courtyards, but there were other cats in the area who probably chased him out. Additional traps were going to be set around the area on the complex. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

"Frankie" DLH, Black with white chest, Oakland

Frankie is a three year old DLH. He has been in this location for only a month and was fully indoor outdoor in his previous location with his person and another cat. At this location he was all indoors and had never been outside.

He is not wearing a collar but is microchipped.

Frankie got out of the house accidently when the wind blew open a door that wasn't secure closed early in the morning.

We found a track that led away from the house but then eventually led back after a couple of days due to the extensive track. It was unknown any time frame since it wasn't known he was outside for several hours and a full search didn't start till later in the day.

His person said they will put up flyers in the area where we searched and extend the Nextdoor search.


Sunday, February 6, 2022

"Ash" Siamese mix, San Jose

Ash is a one and a half year old, indoor/outdoor Siamese mix. She didn't come home one evening despite a regular schedule. After she went missing, her people found out that their next door neighbor had a brand new adult cat in a house that Ash would regularly visit and hang out. It is assumed that there was a dispute between Ash and the new cat and Ash got scared away. There were no sightings of Ash until a few days before our search a couple of blocks away. We started the search there and Asia found the track leading away from the house. 

We found a track that led away from the house and circled a large shopping center a couple of times and then led back to the direction of the house. This was at the four hour mark, so the search was stopped. Her person said they would continue to look for her.