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Thursday, January 27, 2022

"Simba" Chihuahua/ Spaniel mix, San Francisco

Simba was staying at a friend's house while her people were out of town. There were fireworks in the neighborhood and Princess jumped the fence and took off.

We tracked her over 9 miles to the location of the first sighting that night and then in the direction of the second sighting  the next day. The search was stopped at 4 hours and her person said she would keep looking for her.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

"Ricky," Shib Inu mix, Foster City


I got a text late yesterday that Ricky had been found in the area we were all searching the day before. Several people were able to corner him and give him food and he stopped enough to allow them to catch him!

Ricky is a one year old Shiba Inu, recently adopted from a rescue who brought him over from North Korea. He is very shy and undersocialized. 

He was being walked by his people near their home when he got spooked by something and pulled out of his collar.

When I arrived for the search, I was told that Ricky had been spotted the previous night at midnight by a person walking their dog. 

While we were in the area for 4 hours, there were multiple sittings of of Ricky in the area, including by his people and kids riding their bikes. 

Ricky's search Part 1

Ricky's search Part 2

Sunday, December 5, 2021

"Nike," Bengal Cat, Mill Valley

Nike is an indoor outdoor three year old Bengal cat. She was let out in the afternoon but she didn't come back. There has not been any sightings but her collar was found about a half mile away. 

We started the search at the location where the collar was found.  We checked the area around the lumber yard and found the direction of the scent leading east on Miller. We followed the track around a couple of blocks and back to Miller. Then it went all the way around Tamalpais high school and the circled back onto Miller and heading back. We stopped the search at 4 hours. 

It appears that Nike was picked up and the collar was removed and discarded. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"Lola" Chihuahua mix, Black and white, Woodside

Lola is a 15 year old black and white Chihuahua mix. When she went missing on November 5 from her home, she was wearing a collar with a current ID tag. It is unclear whether she is microchipped since she was adopted over 10 years from an agency in another county. There has been no sightings since she went missing. 

She was let out to go potty at around 8 pm with another dog, but 15 minutes later only one dog returned. Immediately a search of the property and the surrounding streets and neighbors properties was initiated, but no one saw where Lola went. 

The track we found led down one of the driveways and then turned to the right and down the street. The track turned right after a few driveways into another massive property with hundreds of acres. We followed it all around the property and then out the back on a dirt road. It then connected to a public open space area and then eventually to streets and then all the way to the town of Woodside. The track turned right towards La Honda and then turned right up towards Hubbard Park. The search was called off by Lola's people close to the four hour mark.

They said they would continue to look for her. 


Saturday, October 2, 2021

"Moshi," Dark Grey DSH, San Leandro - Returned home on her own!


Moshi is a indoor outdoor three year old female, dark grey DSH. She was last seen Sunday evening walking across the street towards her home at about 9 PM. She never came home. We were doing the search that following Wednesday. 

She is microchipped but not wearing a collar. There were no sightings of her after she was last seen. 

The track we found led away from the house and circled the block and then around the block and out to a busy street. It went up the the busy street, then circled back towards the house. We returned to the area after two hours within less than a block of her home. 

Since we were so close to home, her person went home quickly to do something. About 10 minutes later I received a phone call while still tracking that Moshi was home!!! She was there when he got back. Her bowl was empty of food and she had drank a lot of water!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"Tofu" White and Tabby, Daly City


Tofu is an indoor only, 10 pound, three year old white with tabby markings DSH.  He went missing sometime after 7 PM on Saturday, September 11 through the front door of the apartment but he was never actually seen leaving, so his person was not aware he was outside. Since there are no other ways out, it is the only option. Once he did not respond to his food the next morning, she immediately started a full search outside, but there were no sightings anywhere in the massive apartment complex. 

He is not wearing a collar and is not microchipped. 

The track we found led us all around the apartment building and up the steps to the apartment front door several times. Asia finally found the tracking leading out and it went up the hill and out the apartment complex. It then went over six miles to the far northern part of Daly City. 

At the 3.5 hour mark, the search was stopped. They said they would continue to look for Tofu and was interested in a second search in the future. I said they could contact me anytime to do a second day. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021

"Remy" DSH, Orange Tabby, Oakland

Remy is an indoor only two year old DSH Orange tabby. He went missing on August 18 from his third story apartment.  It was initially unclear how he got out of the apartment. All the windows still had their screens on. It was known that the back porch door sometimes doesn't stay closed and it was found open in the middle of the night but quickly closed. The drop to the ground would have landed him onto trees and bushes, which would have prevented injury. 

He is wearing a collar with tags and is microchipped. The microchip company had been informed he is missing. 

We found the track under the porch door and then followed it for over 5 miles in the Embarcadero area of Oakland. The search was stopped at the four hour mark and we walked back. He said he would keep looking for his cat. 

There were both indications of Remy either being by himself or being picked up by a human and carried away. His person did confirm that he is friendly towards strangers and would probably approach a person if in need of help.