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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

"Jessy" Grey and White Tabby/Siamese mix, Alameda

Day One: 

Day Two:

Day One:
Jessy is a two year old spayed female grey and white tabby. She is an indoor outdoor friendly cat. She was last photographed by a camera on the driveway of the home at 6 PM on a Monday. She never came home that night. 

She is microchipped, but not wearing a collar. 

An extensive search of the neighborhood for several days she has lived in her whole life found nothing. There were no sightings and she hadn't been seen in any of her regular visiting spots nearby. 

The search with Asia showed that Jessy had been picked up and carried away probably by a transient/homeless person. Eventually Jessy got away from them and took off. The track showed her wandering around the edge of the water and bay and inlets of Alameda. 

The search was stopped at the four hour mark and her person said she would continue to look for Jessy.

The following day Jessy's person contacted Marta Williams, an animal communicator, and Marta confirmed the track we found. She talked to Jessy and said that her person was trying to find her and gave her instructions to try to follow her track backwards to her home. 

Day Two:
No new sightings. Started from where we left off the first day and continued to track within Alameda. At one point the track went along the rocky beach and then came back up and over a wall. Asia was a trooper allowing us to lift her up and over the 5 foot wall!

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