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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

"Nadja" Siberian, Grey with white, Oakland Found!!!


I received an email that Nadja returned home after being missing for a week. The construction crew noted her sitting on the back fence and informed her people!! I was told she was very hungry, thirty and disoriented, but was resting at home.

Nadja is an indoor/outdoor, white with grey year old Siberian. She went missing from her home one evening when she didn't come home from dinner. She is wearing a collar and she is microchipped. There has been no sightings of Nadja since she went missing. She was seen by construction crews at the house around 4 PM when they left. 

The track we found led around the neighborhood and then straight north for over a mile, all the way into Berkeley, and then it went around and around all over the streets and neighborhoods. The search was stopped at 4 hours and they said they would continue to look for Nadja.

Based on the track we found and the lack of sightings, it does appear that Nadja was picked up near her house by someone, probably a transient looking for recycling from cans since the trash was picked up early the next morning. Once we got to Berkeley, it did appear that somewhere she got loose because the track was a lot more random and chaotic, more like a loose cat, than a human being walking. 

Unfortunately, this is common with cats since they are easy to carry and don't require to be walked like dogs. 

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