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Saturday, July 1, 2023

"Tesla," Creme DMH, 12 Years, Fremont

Day One:

Tesla is an indoor neutered 12 years old creme colored DMH. He was last seen inside the home along with another cat who also lives in the house. Somehow the front screen door got open and both cats got out of the house. The other cat was found under the house, but Tesla was not found, despite an immediate search of the area and surrounding neighborhood and postering of flyers. He is not wearing a collar, and he is microchipped. 

The track we found was around the neighborhood and then out towards the Alameda Creek, It went through Coyote Regional Park and then came back out onto Paseo Padre. It then went into Fremont and over 880. The search was stopped at four hours and we are scheduled to go back again tomorrow. 

Day Two:

We started where we left off on Friday and continued around some parks in Newark. While we were tracking, Tesla's person found a deceased cat in a road from being hit by a car. I went there and saw the cat and it definitely wasn't Tesla. The colors were different. There was another cat nearby that was also hit by car. Tesla's person called Animal Control and reported both to be picked up. The search was stopped at 4 hours. We have plans to start again on  Tuesday.

Day Three:

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