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Monday, January 15, 2024

"Peach," DMH, Orange with White, San Francisco

Peach is indoor only, 7 years old and a petite size at 8 pounds. She was not wearing a collar and it is unknown if she is microchipped. Her people said they would call the vet where they got Peach to confirm if she is microchipped. 

Peach got out of the house by accident four days ago when the back door leading to the backyard was left open by a roommate. It was not known that Peach was outside until the morning when her people looked for her in the large house and could not find her. It was not unusual for her to hide during the night, so they didn't assume something was wrong until the morning. 

Once it was known she was not in the house, an extensive search of the yard and surrounding neighborhood and other houses was performed. However, no sightings were found during the search or the following days. 

The search we found led away from the house from a neighbor's yard where there was a hole from Peach's yard. The scent went down the driveway and then turned right and down the street. The track then went throughout San Francisco and eventually into Nob Hill, where the search was stopped by Peach's people at four hours. It appears by the track that Peach was picked up and carried away. The track was predominately a human walking away from the area. Many times when transient or homeless people visit a neighborhood to look for recycling in trash cans, cats get picked up and carried away for companionship. 

They said they would continue to search for her and make a visit to Animal Control to update the flyer and check their found cat rooms

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