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Saturday, October 2, 2021

"Moshi," Dark Grey DSH, San Leandro - Returned home on her own!


Moshi is a indoor outdoor three year old female, dark grey DSH. She was last seen Sunday evening walking across the street towards her home at about 9 PM. She never came home. We were doing the search that following Wednesday. 

She is microchipped but not wearing a collar. There were no sightings of her after she was last seen. 

The track we found led away from the house and circled the block and then around the block and out to a busy street. It went up the the busy street, then circled back towards the house. We returned to the area after two hours within less than a block of her home. 

Since we were so close to home, her person went home quickly to do something. About 10 minutes later I received a phone call while still tracking that Moshi was home!!! She was there when he got back. Her bowl was empty of food and she had drank a lot of water!!!

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