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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"Lola" Chihuahua mix, Black and white, Woodside

Lola is a 15 year old black and white Chihuahua mix. When she went missing on November 5 from her home, she was wearing a collar with a current ID tag. It is unclear whether she is microchipped since she was adopted over 10 years from an agency in another county. There has been no sightings since she went missing. 

She was let out to go potty at around 8 pm with another dog, but 15 minutes later only one dog returned. Immediately a search of the property and the surrounding streets and neighbors properties was initiated, but no one saw where Lola went. 

The track we found led down one of the driveways and then turned to the right and down the street. The track turned right after a few driveways into another massive property with hundreds of acres. We followed it all around the property and then out the back on a dirt road. It then connected to a public open space area and then eventually to streets and then all the way to the town of Woodside. The track turned right towards La Honda and then turned right up towards Hubbard Park. The search was called off by Lola's people close to the four hour mark.

They said they would continue to look for her. 


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