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Thursday, October 6, 2022

"Cosmo" DSH Grey San Francisco

Cosmo is a 10 year old, indoor only, grey DSH with green eyes. He was not wearing a collar but he was microchipped. 

There were no sightings of him after he went missing from his home around 8 pm when it appears he slipped out of the garage as his person was taking out the trash cans. It was not noticed he was missing until 5 AM the next morning when his person noticed he wasn't in bed with her. Despite an extensive search of the house and surrounding neighborhoods, no sightings or clues were found. 

The track we found led away from the house pretty quickly. There wasn't any going around and around like a normal lost cat. The track led down to Ocean Avenue and then made a right and went all the way down and through Lakeshore Plaza, down Sloat, through the Zoo parking lot and how to the Great Highway. The search was stopped at 4 hours and we got a ride back.

It appears he was picked up during the night probably by people who regularly search recycling cans. It is common for them to pick up cats since cats are small and easy to carry, making them nice companions for transient people. 

Animal was contacted and she said they would regularly contact them and check the shelter. 

His people said they would continue to look for him. 

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