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Sunday, January 8, 2023

"Kofi" Chihuahua, Blonde. San Carlos - Found

GPS Map of search

Kofi is a 14 year old Chihuahua mix. When he went missing on New Years Eve around 7 PM he was wearing his collar and ID tags and an AirTag GPS indicator. His person told me his eyesight and hearing were becoming diminished. 

He got out of the yard by accident when his person came home and drove the car into the fenced yard where the driveway is and Kofi took off without her knowing he was out. An hour later they noticed he wasn't in the house and went out looking for him. 

Later that night around 9 PM they received two pings from his collar and went to that area about 45 minutes from the house. A person also told them they had seen Kofi that night. No other sightings or calls were received. 

I came out to do the search on that following Friday. I arrived at noon and Asia immediately picked up the scent leading out of the yard and eventually to the area of the two pings and sighting in a neighborhood park. The search continued for another three hours around San Carlos, and it was stopped at the four hour mark. We scheduled another time to come back that Sunday morning. 

The next morning early I received a text that Kofi had been found later Friday night after a ping was received by his collar. They went to the location and made contact with the person at home.  Kofi was found deceased inside their pool inside their yard. Somehow Kofi made it into the open yard and unfenced pool and fell into the pool. 

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