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Saturday, February 27, 2016

"Otter," DLH, Brown Tabby, Salida - Found!

More details to come

Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Hermes," DSH, Black, San Ramon - Found!

Hermes is an eight pound black DSH. 

I received a voicemail and a text message today saying that an indoor only cat was missing from his home since Thursday evening, a day and a half. I was told that the cat was never seen leaving the house and it is completely unknown how he would have left the home. 

I was told that the cat was last seen by the daughter when she went into the garage to get something. Hermes was seen at the door of the garage, and when the daughter got back to the door, Hermes was not standing there. She assumed that he had gone back inside the house. 

It was noticed the next morning at about 6:30 AM that Hermes was missing when he did not come for  breakfast. An immediate search of the house was done and all his usual hiding places were checked.  A check of the outside and surrounding neighborhood was also done, but there was no known way that Hermes could have made it to the outside. 

Prior to leaving for work that morning, the husband stood outside of the garage on the driveway and watched as each car was driven out, watching to see if Hermes would run outside. He was never seen. Both the husband and wife drove away after closing the garage door. When they arrived home that afternoon Hermes was still missing. Another search of the house, garage and surrounding neighborhood was done. 

After the above was all explained to me, I felt that Hermes was still in the garage and that he had been in there since Thursday night. The husband was convinced that Hermes would come to him if he was still in the garage. However, I have seen and heard about many small animals who become stuck somewhere in their own home and won't come out or make a sound because they are so scared and their instincts are telling them to be quiet and not be found. 

I suggested that another search of the garage be done from top to bottom, and this time to do the search as if the first searches had never been done and to have no pre-conceived ideas about anything. 

About a half an hour later, I received the following message: 
"Jackie, once again, THANK YOU!!! I started taking everything out of the garage and I laid on the floor looking under cabinets that we didn't think he could get under (and it had stuff under I) and there he was. It was so tight I couldn't pull him out but with some coaxing he came out. I wouldn't have found him without your help and support." 
Here is the photo taken of Hermes still in his hiding place.