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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Polly", Irish Setter, San Francisco - Found

Polly was a three year old Irish Setter. She was staying with her dog sitter while her people went out of town for the weekend. She was wearing her collar with ID tags and was microchipped.

The neighbor of her dog sitter came into the house on a Friday evening where Polly was staying with the approval of the dog sitter because the neighbor was locked out of their house. This startled Polly and she ran out. Polly's housemate, another Irish Setter, did not take off and remained at the dog sitter.

I was called the next morning, Saturday, as I was driving up to Roseville for the search for Guiseppe. I said that I had plans for the next day, Sunday, that I could not change. I gave the dog sitter a lot of different things to do to look for her.

I followed up the next afternoon, and I was told that Polly had been found deceased, hit by a car, by animal control Saturday afternoon.

"Guiseppe", Burmese, Roseville, CA - Found!

Guiseppe is a 10 month old, nine pound Burmese. He is wearing a green collar with black ID tag and he is microchipped.

He was last seen in his yard at approximately 3 PM with a 15 foot white cord attached to his collar, while his person was working nearby. She had to answer a phone call inside. When she came back out, Guiseppe was missing. There were no sightings or phone calls. He was missing for one week when I was called.

We found a track leading away from the area and then through a large open field and back out again. From there the track went around into some neighborhoods and back out onto Baseline. We followed that track into another neighborhood.

Several hours later, Guiseppe's person received a call from her husband, who was at home, that Guiseppe was found in the yard of a neighbor. It is unknown how long he had been back in that area, but it was less than one mile from where we were when we got the call.

Since Guiseppe had been missing for one week, the whole neighborhood was aware that Guiseppe was missing, and we did not have a timeframe on the track we were following, it is unknown how long Guiseppe had been in the area.

View Guiseppe in a larger map

Total Distance: 11.80 km (7.3 mi)
Total Time: 4:45:22
Moving Time: 4:34:31
Average Pace: 24.19 min/km (38.9 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 23.27 min/km (37.4 min/mi)
Min Pace: 0.69 min/km (1.1 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -11 m (-36 ft)
Max Elevation: 17 m (54 ft)
Elevation Gain: 186 m (609 ft)
Max Grade: 13 %
Min Grade: -17 %
Recorded: Sat Feb 19 13:44:43 PST 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Dante", Abyssianian, Santa Rosa, CA - Found!

Dante is a 10 year old, neutered Abyssianian. He is wearing a collar with tags, but he is not microchipped. His person had recently moved to the new home. Both Dante and his housemate went missing the day they were let out at their new place. The other cat showed up at the former home within a couple of days, but Dante did not show up. Dante was missing for one week when I was called.

I came out the next morning, and as I was parking my van, Dante's person came over and said that Dante has showed up back at home in the last hour!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Sadie", Light Brindle, English Mastiff, Napa - Found!

This is an email I received on April 28, 2011, as a follow up to Sadie's search:

"I just want to thank you for all of your experience in tracking Sadie.  Even though we didn't find her for a week after she disappeared, you help us educate our neighbors as well as ourselves.  It was a real pleasure meeting you and your dog.  I would recommend you and your dogs any day to anyone to help locate a missing pet.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Our family is back together and very happy.  Danielle Dulle,  Napa, California"

Sadie is  a three year old, spayed, light brindle 130 lb. English Mastiff. She is wearing her collar with full ID tags and is microchipped. 

She was let out into her front yard by accident by a rooommate, and she walked away from the house. I was called a couple of days after she went missing. 

Generally, Sadie could be described as hesitant and afraid about approaching strangers, which contributed to her length of being lost. When she was spotted, it was documented that she would not approach anybody, and would run when approached by people. 

The GPS tracking was having a hard time in some areas due to the remoteness of the tracking, so the maps may not be 100% accurate, but they are very close. 

We started the search about one block from her home where she was spotted, and from there the track led in some pretty darn remote and isolated areas, including horse pastures, open spaces, wineries, and a lot more. By the end of the first day, we found Sadie had come back to near the house and walked right past it. We ended there due to the lack of light and tired searchers. We came back the next morning. 

During this search, we did have a sighting of Sadie, but it was the day before. We did go to that spot and restart the track from there since that was more current than the track we were following, which was the day she went missing. We were able to cut off about three days from the track. Strangely enough, the sighting was only a couple of blocks from her home, and she was seen walking down the middle of the street in the middle of the day. 

The unbelievable part was that Sadie was so big and nobody was seeing her, even though large parts of where we were tracking  her was on open and busy roads. 

One suggestion I said was to have dog food and her person's clothing put out directly in front of her home and on the corner (the house is on the corner of a busy street where we know Sadie had walked) to coax her back to her home. Her person said that he stayed just inside the house all night, but that she never came by. 

Ignore the part of track two that leads all the way back to San Leandro. I had forgotten to stop the track, and it tracked me all the way back home.

Day One:

Track One - 

View Sadie Day 1 Track 1 in a larger map

Total Distance: 1884.64 km (1171.1 mi)
Total Time: 3:26:24
Moving Time: 2:16:25
Average Pace: 0.11 min/km (0.2 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 0.07 min/km (0.1 min/mi)
Min Pace: 0.06 min/km (0.1 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -1104 m (-3621 ft)
Max Elevation: 2052 m (6731 ft)
Elevation Gain: 3990 m (13091 ft)
Max Grade: 208 %
Min Grade: -187 %
Recorded: Wed Feb 09 09:15:41 PST 2011

Track Two - 

View Sadie Day 1 Track 2 in a larger map

Total Distance: 109.01 km (67.7 mi)
Total Time: 7:22:12
Moving Time: 3:53:33
Average Pace: 4.06 min/km (6.5 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 2.14 min/km (3.4 min/mi)
Min Pace: 0.51 min/km (0.8 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -44 m (-144 ft)
Max Elevation: 53 m (175 ft)
Elevation Gain: 1041 m (3414 ft)
Max Grade: 26 %
Min Grade: -7 %
Recorded: Wed Feb 09 12:45:28 PST 2011

Today we restarted from where we left off, and even though there were new spots we went to, there was also parts that were repeated, like the winery. 

We continued for several more hours following her in various directions. At about 4 PM that afternoon, I had to call it off because Dino was exhausted and I didn't want to push him further. 

We got back to the cars, and they said they would continue to look for Sadie.

The following day I received a voicemail that Sadie had been found! She had returned to one of the horse ranches we visited the first day, about four blocks from her home. We had left a flyer with the very elderly woman. The woman had seen Sadie on her driveway and in her yard. She called the phone number on the flyer, and Sadie's people were there to pick her up in minutes. She jumped right into the truck when they put down the tailgate. 

Day Two:

Track One - 

View Sadie Day 2 Track 1 in a larger map

Total Distance: 18.61 km (11.6 mi)
Total Time: 4:05:49
Moving Time: 2:18:25
Average Pace: 13.21 min/km (21.3 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 7.44 min/km (12.0 min/mi)
Min Pace: 1.04 min/km (1.7 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -27 m (-89 ft)
Max Elevation: 88 m (288 ft)
Elevation Gain: 768 m (2520 ft)
Max Grade: 2 %
Min Grade: -3 %
Recorded: Thu Feb 10 09:15:59 PST 2011

Track Two - 

View Sadie Day 2 Track 2 in a larger map

Total Distance: 10.96 km (6.8 mi)
Total Time: 1:44:28
Moving Time: 1:02:59
Average Pace: 9.53 min/km (15.3 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 5.75 min/km (9.2 min/mi)
Min Pace: 0.91 min/km (1.5 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -16 m (-51 ft)
Max Elevation: 34 m (110 ft)
Elevation Gain: 298 m (976 ft)
Max Grade: 4 %
Min Grade: -6 %
Recorded: Thu Feb 10 13:27:11 PST 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Rosy", Grey Tabby, DMH, Santa Rosa

Rosy is an indoor/outdoor five year old DMH grey tabby with green eyes. She is wearing a blue collar with a bell and is microchipped. She had been missing for two months when I was called. However, there were possible sightings of Rosy in the surrounding area of a couple of blocks surrounding the home. Rosy's person did not believe that the sightings were accurate because she felt that if Rosy was that close to home, she would come home. There was a possible sighting of Rosy just a couple of days prior to me coming out, and the location was within a block of the home. 

Rosy's person had moved out of the home a couple of months prior to Rosy disappearing, but she had left Rosy with her former roommate because her temporary housing situation did not allow cats. 

We went to the location of the current sighting, which posed it own challenges. The sighting was across a creek, and the person stood on the walking trail on the other side. The bushes where Rosy was seen was very thick, and not strong enough to support mine or Dino's weight, but there would be no problem supporting the weight of a seven pound cat. In addition, there was no way that a human could access that side of the creek. I tried to find a way, but the whole side was fenced off. I did not think that Rosy would jump the creek, which was several feet wide. 

We checked the yards of the houses on the same side of where Rosy was seen and we did find her track coming out of the yard that was directly behind where she was seen. We checked the yard, and there was definitely space for a cat to come through the chain link and wooden fence. Plus, this house only had another indoor only cat, and there was a broken board in the side gate, which is where we got the scent coming out from. 

We found the track leading down the street, around an empty lot and then back out past her house and then out onto the walking trails along the creek and then from there went into other neighborhoods, and then back to the neighborhood of the house. 

After several hours, Rosy's person called off the search. She was clearly disappointed that we did not come upon Rosy while on the search. I gave her a wide variety of techniques to keep looking for Rosy and how to get the word out. 

Track One - 

View Rosy Track #1 in a larger map

Total Distance: 9.03 km (5.6 mi)
Total Time: 4:59:02
Moving Time: 4:36:44
Average Pace: 33.13 min/km (53.3 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 30.66 min/km (49.3 min/mi)
Min Pace: 4.76 min/km (7.7 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -11 m (-35 ft)
Max Elevation: 48 m (158 ft)
Elevation Gain: 207 m (680 ft)
Max Grade: 17 %
Min Grade: -12 %
Recorded: Mon Feb 07 09:46:29 PST 2011

Track Two - 

View Rosy Track #2 in a larger map

Total Distance: 7.55 km (4.7 mi)
Total Time: 1:56:55
Moving Time: 1:02:54
Average Pace: 15.48 min/km (24.9 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 8.33 min/km (13.4 min/mi)
Min Pace: 6.67 min/km (10.7 min/mi)
Min Elevation: 0 m (1 ft)
Max Elevation: 22 m (71 ft)
Elevation Gain: 275 m (904 ft)
Max Grade: 0 %
Min Grade: 0 %
Recorded: Mon Feb 07 14:56:45 PST 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Dillon", Orange Tabby, DLH, San Francisco - Found!

Dillon is a two year old, indoor/outdoor DLH orange tabby. He does not have a collar, and he does not have a microchip. He was missing for almost one week when I was called.

We had a search scheduled the next day for early afternoon.

I drove to San Francisco, and parked my car. Before I even got out of the car, I received a call from Dillon's person that Dillon had returned home and was at the back door. He had just returned from checking the shelter, and arrived home to find Dillon at the back door.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Kiko", Brown and Black, Yorkshire Terrier, Stockton

Kiko is a two year old Yorkshire Terrier. He is not wearing a collar, but he is microchipped. He escaped from his yard when the gate got left open by accident. Both dogs in the house got out. The first dog was found soon after Kiko's people returned home to find both dogs gone.

I did a phone consultation where we reviewed everything in the case from beginning to present time. There were positive sightings of the dog near the home, and somebody saw the dog picked up by a person they thought was from the skateboard park a couple of blocks away. A person of that description was found, but he denied having Kiko.

Kiko's person said she would keep looking for him.