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Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Polly", Irish Setter, San Francisco - Found

Polly was a three year old Irish Setter. She was staying with her dog sitter while her people went out of town for the weekend. She was wearing her collar with ID tags and was microchipped.

The neighbor of her dog sitter came into the house on a Friday evening where Polly was staying with the approval of the dog sitter because the neighbor was locked out of their house. This startled Polly and she ran out. Polly's housemate, another Irish Setter, did not take off and remained at the dog sitter.

I was called the next morning, Saturday, as I was driving up to Roseville for the search for Guiseppe. I said that I had plans for the next day, Sunday, that I could not change. I gave the dog sitter a lot of different things to do to look for her.

I followed up the next afternoon, and I was told that Polly had been found deceased, hit by a car, by animal control Saturday afternoon.