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Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Cherry", Red, Pit Bull, San Francisco - Found!

Cherry is a spayed, six year old, red, female pit bull who is microchipped, but is not wearing a collar or tags. Cherry was known to be very friendly with everybody she met.

There were no sightings of Cherry after she went missing.

Her person had distributed a lot of flyers the night before in areas he had not placed them before. On the flyer it said they were offering a $500 reward.

We had a searched scheduled for early in the morning. I got to the home and they said they had received a call from a person who said they had Cherry and was going to bring her by. He knew that this person, who ended up being a high school student, was responding to the reward.

The finder said that he and his sister were walking home from school, which was on the way past Cherry's house. He said that Cherry approached them as they walked by and followed them home. The finder said he had intended to keep Cherry, since she was such a nice dog, and she got along with his other dog. They had Cherry for almost a week when they saw the flyer with the reward.