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Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Pepper", Australian Cattle Dog mix, Black, Pacifica - Found

Pepper is a neutered, two year old, black, Australian Cattle Dog mix. He is wearing an orange collar with no tags, but he is microchipped.

There were sightings of Pepper back in Pacific and on Skyline Drive, near where he was lost, but there had not been sightings for a couple of days. We decided to start the search from there.

On my way to meet Pepper's person, I passed what appeared to be a medium size black body on one of the freeway ramps from Northbound 280 to Southbound 1. I was unclear exactly what I saw, and due to the location, I was unable to stop or turn around. I continued on my way to meet Pepper's person, and I told her about the sighting when I arrived.

We made our way back to the ramp, and she confirmed by Pepper's collar that the body was Pepper. She had a small car, so we were able to pull aside into a small area and park. I went back to the spot and pulled the body off to the side as I dodged traffic coming around the ramp.

Pepper's person could not back up to the body, so she drove around again and came up to the ramp and pulled off sooner to where I had the body. We quickly put the body into the back of her small station wagon and drove off, back to Pacifica to where my van was parked.

Due to the condition of body, it appeared Pepper had only been deceased for a few hours.