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Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Stella", English Setter, Black and White, Pescadero - FOUND!


"I have been impressed by Jackie's responsiveness. I have contacted her twice when my dogs had run away, once from home and once when with a dogwalker. Both times the dogs were found shortly before Jackie began tracking. Her availability provided great peace of mind and her tips on searching and what to do to look for your dog were very helpful.


Stella is a seven year old, spayed, black and white English Setter. She is wearing collar with ID tags, but she is not microchipped. 

Stella was with a dog walker on a large private ranch when she got spooked by the movement of another dog jumping around. She was on leash at the time with the dog walker, but she escaped from the walker and ran off dragging her leash. The dog walker and her employer did a search of the area, but could not find her. 

Stella's people were out of town at the time she was lost. 

I received a call from Stella's people while they were on the East Coast, and I set a time for the next day to get down to Pescadero to look for Stella. 

Prior to me leaving the next morning, I received a voicemail from the dog walker that Stella was found tangled with a tree with her leash.