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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Roxie", Labrador/Chow mix, Black, Santa Cruz - Found!

This is the case that made me change to requiring a deposit for the full minimum before driving to the search.

I was making the drive to Santa Cruz after Roxie's person asked me to come down. While on the drive down, I called to say I was stuck in a very large traffic jam, and that I would be delayed. I spoke to the husband on the phone, and he informed me that Roxie had been found. I reminded him that I was still due the minimum plus mileage, and he said that he and his wife owed me nothing, since I never did any work. I reminded him that the minimum plus mileage was still due. He said he would have his wife call me when she returned home with Roxie.

The wife called me about a half hour later while I was still driving. I reminded her of the minimum plus mileage, and she offered to pay me only a little over a single hour's rate. She said that is what she felt the service was worth to her. I refused, and said I would be sending her an invoice for the full amount.