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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Xochitl", Mexican Hairless, Dark Grey/Black, San Jose

Still Missing as of 2/16/12


Search Details:

Xochilt (pronounced "So-Chee) is a two years old Mexican Hairless. She is grey/blue, not wearing a collar, does not have a microchip and is wearing a white t-shirt.  She is also in heat at the time of her disappearance.

She got out of the yard by accident by a loose board in the backyard fence.

She is very shy and scared of strangers.

There were no sightings of Xochilt after she went missing.

We found her track following around the very large mobile home park where she lived and then it led out of the park through a side gate.

The search was stopped by her people at the four hour minimum mark.

They said they would keep looking for her.


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Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total distance: 8.62 km (5.4 mi)
Total time: 2:30:39
Moving time: 1:31:25
Average speed: 3.43 km/h (2.1 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.66 km/h (3.5 mi/h)
Max speed: 9.07 km/h (5.6 mi/h)
Min elevation: -18 m (-59 ft)
Max elevation: 8 m (27 ft)
Elevation gain: 229 m (750 ft)
Max grade: 2 %
Min grade: 1 %
Recorded: Fri Nov 25 09:53:21 PST 2011
Activity type: -