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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"G.G." Red Footed Tortoise, Lafayette - Found!

G.G. is a 50 year old red footed tortoise, and she weighs about 20 lbs.

She had been missing for over four days when we were called.

She is allowed to run loose in the yard that goes from the back to the front of the house and out to the driveway. There is a gate at the driveway, however, on that particular day, it got left open as a family member was moving things to their car on the driveway.

She has gotten loose in the past, and those same locations were checked, but no G.G. Multiple people were enlisted to search the area, but no G.G. Signs were put up on the streets nearby in case she was picked up, but no sightings.

When we came in, as we were checking the yard to determine her last known track out of the area, G.G. was found in an adjoining yard that is part of a rental property next to the house they live in. It was unknown how she got there since there was a fence and retaining wall in between the two properties. I asked if that area had been checked when initially looking for G.G., and they said, "yes." G.G.'s people asked that, since I was already there, could I find the way she actually got out of the yard. I said, "of course."

After showing Dino the whole area, we found a track leading up the steep road past their home to the house next to them. This house was vacant and was for sale. The house sat on at least a couple of acres and most of that was steep, wooded hillside and unkempt since the house was on the market for quite a while. I asked G.G.'s person if this property had been checked by others when looking for G.G., and she said, "no" since they did not believe she would travel that far.

We found the track leading up and behind the house and then further behind, which was literally leading to behind G.G.'s house. At this point, I was asked to stop by G.G.'s person since she did not believe that G.G. would travel that far. She did not think that Dino was following G.G.'s track.

I think that G.G. traveled this way in the wooded area and then found a way, eventually, after four days, to the yard of the adjoining property where she was found. I am glad that G.G. is safe back at home.

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