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Friday, February 15, 2013

"Flower," English Bulldog, White, Hercules - Found!

Flower is a four year old, unspayed, all white, extremely friendly English Bulldog. When she went missing she was not wearing a collar and she was not microchipped. There were no sightings of Flower after she went missing by escaping through a broken board in the backyard fence.

As I was arriving to their home early Friday morning, I met Flower's mom down at the bottom of the hill leading into the neighborhood. She was talking to a woman, and she flagged me down as I made a left up the hill. This woman had seen Flower early Monday morning at a park down the street, about a half mile away. She said that Flower approached her in a friendly manner, and approached several people in the same way. Since this woman said she was afraid of dogs, she did not attempt to catch Flower, but walked away. 

We decided we could start the search from the park after we went back to the house and got the scent items and then drove back down the hill. As I was getting myself ready in my car, Flower's person ran up to me and said she had just received a call from a man who lived near the park and had Flower. We jumped into my car and drove to the house. Flower came running out of the garage to greet her person.

This man said he had picked up Flower at the same park, right around the same time that the other woman said she saw Flower in the park, early Monday morning, the day she escaped from the yard. He said that he attempted to find her home by having her scanned for a microchip and looking for flyers in the area and checking the newspaper for ads, but none were at the park or in the surrounding area since Flower's person did not think Flower would travel that far. He did not contact the animal shelter and he did not check Craigslist and he did not contact police department, all of the things that Flower's person had done. He told us that the way he found Flower's home information is because the same person we saw that morning about a half hour before, showed him the flyer just that same morning that we talked to her. That is why he called Flower's person almost the same time we were starting. 

The moral of the story is to do everything under the sun to find your dog and don't leave any stone unturned. The person who may have seen the dog or may have the dog, may do the same things until you find them. This person had Flower for five days before she got returned home, and they lived within less than a mile of each other.