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Friday, May 31, 2013

"Arrow," Rat Terrier, Black, Fremont - Found!


This was the ad placed in Craigslist after Arrow went missing:
Small black elderly Rat Terrier Looks like a long body chihuahua. He is gray on his muzzle and chest and wearing a old leather collar with NO tags/ He is microchipped....... Lost 5/31 around 2:30 at the corner of Mowry Ave and Farwell Dr. "Arrow" can be snippy when picked up. Or just take him to the Fremont Shelter THANKS to ALL for any help!!!! Dottie


Case notes:
Dottie is a former co-worker of mine when I worked as an Animal Services Officer at the City of Fremont Animal Shelter. She recognized my name when I responded to her CL ad.

She told me that Arrow got lost by mistake when he was let off leash for a short time and Arrow ran off, probably scared by some nearby noise. There were no sightings of Arrow after he ran across the street and ran through the parking lot of a convenience store. Dottie was convinced that Arrow had been picked up by a person in a car, though I counseled her to keep an open mind since there was no evidence or information that Arrow had been picked up. She decided against doing an onsite search since she believed that Arrow had been picked up, and she didn't think she could find a scent article since there are other animals in the home.

I received these two email after I saw on a co-friend's FaceBook page that Arrow had been found!

June 4, 2013 10:16:28 PM PDT
"Yes, wonderful news Arrow was safely returned to us today. He was found in the Newpark Mall area. I can't begin to think of his journey over the Mowry overpass.

A young woman named Soni, picked him up and had had him for the last three days, even brought him to Banfield to have a check up. A very kind Afghan family, who were evidently not fearful of dogs thank goodness. We are so relieved to have Arrow home again, and he seems to be no worse for wear just a few too many dog cookies as he has had bright orange poop. 

Jackie, Thank you so much for your kindness and advice on all the bases to cover in our search.

Sincerely Dottie"

I was still curious to find out how Arrow was found. I sent Dottie this email:

Jun 4, 2013, at 10:28 PM
"Did the vet find the microchip or was there a flyer in the office?"

June 4, 2013 10:54:51 PM PDT
"Neither, We had not yet placed flyers in the pet stores and no as far as I can tell the staff at Banfield did not scan Arrow. Yes, I am planning on giving them a call! But, I do not know what  their new client may have said about acquiring her new, Old dog. It could be the fact that the vet told them about his heart and the care for a senior that they were worried about dog ownership.... The estimate for future care was over 1,000$ I got the feeling that they found a needy stray and really liked him, but then saw the flyer at the quick stop and were honest. Just thankful he is home snuggled in the covers."