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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Chico," Pomeranian, Brown, Martinez


Search details:

Chico is an eleven year old, un-neutered, eight pound, chocolate Pomeranian. When he went missing on July 29, he was not wearing a collar and he is not microchipped. 

He accidentally got out the front door, and the person in the house attempted to catch him, but did follow him down the street. There were no sightings of Chico after he went missing.

The track we found led left down the street outside Chico's home. The street eventually turns to a dead end, and then eventually to a large rural piece of property. We attempted contact at the door, but nobody was home. We found out that they were on vacation. We followed the track around the perimeter of the property and then came back out to the street.

The track continued back down the road, past Chico's house and out to the main road of Pacheco Blvd. Here is turned left and went down the road where it went in and out of a couple of roads, down the path of a canal and into a mobile home park. The track continued around the mobile home park where the search was called off by Chico's person at the four hour mark. Due to a recent foot surgery, she was unable to continue walking and was already in a lot of pain. 

She said she and her family would continue to look for Chico.

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