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Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Apollo," DSH, White with Black Spots, Lafayette - Found!


Apollo is an eleven year old, twelve pound, predominately indoor only, white with black DSH. 

When he went missing he was not wearing a collar but he is microchipped. 

He was last seen Friday morning at 9:30 AM when the husband let him out the front door into the very large private lot. There had been construction on the home for several weeks, but, so far, Apollo had learned to stay clear of the men and equipment. There were no sightings of Apollo after he went missing. 

I came out the next day on Saturday. Just as I was a couple of blocks from their home, I received a call that Apollo had been found! The husband was checking all closets in the house, and as he went into one on the ground floor, he heard some "meowing." In that closet there was a door to the crawl space under the house. He lifted up the door and found Apollo looking up at him! 

After I arrived, we looked around the entire house to see how Apollo could have entered the crawl space, and we did find one place in the garage that was open at the time he disappeared, and the workers were also using the place to keep some of their equipment. They said they would be keeping the garage door closed for now.