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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Article in Narratively Magazine about Dino as Pet Detective

A client I worked with a couple of years ago in San Francisco recently wrote this about Dino, and our assistance to help her find her lost dog. We had a really nice photo shoot at the local San Leandro Marina by a great photographer who I would highly recommend.

There are a couple of minor things in the article that aren't 100% completely factual, and I did inform the author, but she hasn't changed it yet. It says that Dino can only be on cases with a single pet in the home for scent but that isn't true. Multiple animals can exist if a single scent article exists. Also, it says that scent can only stay for a couple of days, but that actually has never been determined factually. I tell everyone that Dino can follow a track up to five weeks old. That is the oldest he has ever done.