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Friday, September 9, 2016

"Bushy," Maine Coon Cat, Grey/Brown Tabby, Salinas

(This is not a photo of Bushy, but it is a close resemblance.)

Bushy is an indoor/outdoor 26 pound Maine Coon cat with brown and grey tabby markings. 

Bushy's people were out of town and they had a house sitter staying at the house caring for the cats. When his people arrived home, they could not find Bushy, but the other cat was in the house. The house sitter had already removed her belongings from the home. Bushy's person contacted the house sitter and asked where her cat was. The house sitter said she had seen him earlier in the day while she was packing her car, but did not see him immediately before leaving. There was no note left saying that the cat was not in the home. 

There were no sightings of Bushy after he went missing.

After I arrived with my tracking dog, Dino, we did a through search of the area trying to find the scent of Bushy leading out from the house. Despite multiple attempts in every area possible, we could not find any track leading away from the home. I explained to Bushy's person that this meant only two things: Bushy left the property either in a vehicle with the window's rolled up or he left the property deceased. 

Towards the end of the search, I had a phone conversation with the house sitter and I explained everything to her and what we found. She did not offer any additional information about what could have happened to Bushy.