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Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Sirus", DSH, Black, Oakland - Found!

Sirus is an indoor/outdoor all black, 20 pound DSH. He always had a very consistent schedule and would return everyday at the same time for food when his person returned home. One night he did not come home. There were no sightings of Sirus. He had been missing for several days when I was called.

We did a couple of days of tracking for Sirus. However, I had problems with the GPS tracking, so they do not exist.

Within a couple of blocks, it was obvious that Sirus had been picked up and was being carried. In an isolated area of a school playground near his home, there appeared to be a scuffle with Sirus' scent scattered in a wide area. Then the scent went directly out of the school and headed up the street and, for the next several hours, the track went around to various parts of Oakland, including numerous homeless encampments.

Sirus' person called off the search after a couple of days. I never heard anything more from Sirus' person.

I received a voicemail from him on September 22, 2011 that Sirus had been found the previous May. He had been missing for over 13 months. He was found after his microchip was scanned by a vet. The finder had him for over 4 months, and took him to the vet for a check up and the microchip was found.