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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Moula", Silver British Shorthair, Santa Clara - Found!

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Total Distance: 28.29 km (17.6 mi)
Total Time: 6:13:13
Moving Time: 3:57:42
Average Pace: 13.10 min/km (21.1 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 8.40 min/km (13.5 min/mi)
Min Pace: 4.76 min/km (7.7 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -44 m (-145 ft)
Max Elevation: 20 m (66 ft)
Elevation Gain: 1092 m (3584 ft)
Max Grade: 5 %
Min Grade: 0 %
Recorded: Tue Apr 13 09:36:18 PDT 2010

Moula is an indoor only, intact, five year old silver British Shorthair. He is microchipped, but he does not have a collar on. He escaped one evening through the front door. He lives in a large garden style apartment complex. There were no sightings of Moula after he escaped. 

We did find Moula's track leading away from the front door, zig zagging all around the garden area in and out of bushes. After the garden we found Moula's track leading around the block and then exactly back to the garden area. Here the track lead around another part of the garden area and through a gate behind some apartments. 

At this point, it was clear to me and Moula's people with me that Moula had been picked up inside the garden and taken away. The track we found led to a community garden where a neighbor from the complex was known to have a garden. In fact, when we were there, surprisingly, they showed up and attempted to get to one of the sheds in the garden. When they saw us look at them, they quickly walked away. We did not find Moula in that garden, but we did find a track that continued out of the garden and for a few miles in the city. At the end of the track, Moula's person decided to stop the search. 

I got a phone call that evening, a few hours after our search, that, suddenly, Moula was seen running loose back inside the apartment complex. I suggested putting out a trap at their door to try to catch him. 

I call a phone call two days later that Moula was caught inside the trap and quickly brought back inside. 

It was very obvious to everybody that Moula, though he escaped by accident, he was picked up and removed inside the garden shortly after escaping. Moula's people said they do remember their neighbor's across from them out in the garden late that night while they were trying to find Moula. This was the same neighbor who has the community garden, and who we found watching us that day. Moula's people were confident who they thought had stolen him from the garden and was keeping him confined.