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Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Jean Jean", German Shepherd, Fremont - Found!

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Jean Jean is an adult German Shepherd that was recently adopted from GS rescue. She escaped from her collar while her people had her at a park. She was seen in the area for a couple of days, and food was put out, and Jean Jean was eating it. After a couple of days, Jean Jean disappeared and was not seen. We had scheduled to meet at that area. The day of the search, there was a more current sighting in an industrial area of Fremont, so we started there. This was in the area of the former NUMMI auto plant.

After several hours, Jean Jean's people called off the search and wanted to restart the next day.

I got a call early the next morning that Jean Jean had been caught. She was seen back in the original spot where she was lost, and a neighbor call them. They went there and Jean Jean came right to them.