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Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Kee Kee", Hairless Cat, Capitola/Santa Cruz - Found!

Kee Kee is an indoor only hairless cat who was let out by accident by the pet sitter. She is microchipped, but not wearing a collar. The pet sitter did not know that Kee Kee got out, and closed the door and left without checking Kee Kee was inside.

The GPS tracking system was sporadic that day, so no permanent track exists. Kee Kee's person said that cell phones do not work a lot, and I have also had previous problems when doing searches right on the ocean, which is where we were for the whole track.

Directly from their home, it looked like Kee Kee was picked up from her home or in the yard. She probably was making noise to try to get back into the house, but nobody was home. Somebody passing by the home probably heard her and checked to see what the noise was. Their home is right on the corner of a very busy main street which leads right down to the beach. This person may have tried to knock on the door, but nobody answered, and they didn't feel right leaving her there, especially since she is hairless, the person may have thought something was wrong.

The track went right down to the beach and onto the beach, and from there it continued all along the main E. Cliff road, making jutts back and forth to the beach. Kee Kee's person eventually  stopped the track at the four hour minimum. We had traveled over 10 miles  through Capitola and eventually into Santa Cruz. The weather was very hot (probably 85) and the roads and beaches were packed.

On my way home, I received a voicemail that Kee Kee suddenly appeared in their front yard and driveway about two hours after I left. She said that Kee Kee was not hungry or thirsty, but she was very dirty and very sunburned. My guess is that somebody had her and saw my van in the driveway. Once it was gone, they dropped Kee Kee back home, not wanting to be discovered.

See "Moula" the British Shorthair for a similar story when an animal suddenly appears after I leave, wanting to drop the animal off without being detected.