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Friday, September 3, 2010

"Riley", Lab/Pit Bull mix, Black, San Rafael-Found!

Riley is a three year old Lab/Pit Bull mix with a white chest and white paws. She is wearing a collar, but has no tags, but she is microchipped.

Riley jumped out of her person's car somewhere between getting onto a freeway on ramp in downtown San Rafeal and going north to the next off ramp of Civic Center/San Pedro and to the McDonalds on the west side of the freeway under the freeway. It was unknown exactly where she jumped out.

I had talked on the phone with her person and she was going to get back with me about doing a search. The next morning I received a phone call that Riley had been returned home. Here is the email I received from her following up the phone call:

"We got a call from the Humane Society.   A woman had been feeding her at work, but was going to be off the next two nights.  The Humane Society had our information and contacted us.  We went to where the woman worked and it took all of about 3 minutes to find her.  She jumped in (her person's) arms.  I was crying, the woman was crying, (her person) was crying, people walking by started crying.  Apparently she and 3 security guards/ janitors had been feeding her. She wouldn’t come to them so they weren’t sure if she was a girl or a boy.  They nicknamed her Smokey Joe.  Once she saw we were ok with the people she was loving all over everyone.  The woman that had been taking care of her the most told the humane society if she didn’t belong to someone that she wanted to adopt her.  I told her that she is my own personal angel, and she has a lot of good karma coming her way.  Riley is ok.  She has lost some weight, and is VERY dirty.  We looked her over and didn’t see any marks so we decided to just take her home, and take her to the vet tomorrow or Friday.   She was less than a mile away from the McDonalds. She was actually hiding beside the courts house."

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 9/3/10)