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Friday, August 27, 2010

"Pukkie", Terrier/Poodle mix, White, Berkeley

11/15/10 - still missing

Pukkie's Facebook page:

Pukkie is a neutered two year old Terrier/Poodle mix. He is wearing a collar with ID tags, but does not have a microchip.

He escaped from a dog walker on the first day of being with this person. He was off leash in a dog park area at Cesear Chavez park in Berkeley. He was missing for 10 days when I started the search. He was seen running out of the park area and across the highway on an overpass. For the next 10 days there were various possible and unconfirmed sightings of Pukkie.

When I arrived to meet Pukkie's people near the point of escape, we reviewed a map that had all of the possible sightings, with the most recent being the Monday of this week. The search was on a Thursday. There had been other possible sightings of Pukkie or look a likes, but there did appear to be a pattern of them from the previous Thursday to that Monday, around noon , all within an area of a couple of miles and still near the escape point. I decided to start at the most recent, which was on that past Monday.

We went to that spot, and we did find Pukkie's scent in that area. We followed that for several blocks, which is accurate per the GPS map. The track went straight into a BMW dealership mechanic shop, through the shop and then out a side door. From there it went around the back of the shop and all the way down to the end of the parking lot, which is a dead end, which bordered railroad tracks. This means that in the middle of the day on a Monday, Pukkie walked right through this busy place and nobody said or did anything.

From here it appeared that Pukki got stuck in this area. It appeared he tried to get out of the area, but couldn't find a way out. A lot of BMW cars were parked here, and it is my guess that Pukkie hid underneath the cars and could have been trapped in overnight. The scent seemed to go around and around and around in the area with no way out. We finally did find the track further back down toward how we came in and then out the side of another gate, out of the BMW parking lot.

From here the track went onto the street and immediately into another gated lot. We talked to a maintenance person and he said that the gates open Monday through Friday at 6 AM. We went through the property and then out onto the street again and through some fencing onto the railroad tracks. From here he went around the tracks and past a cat feeding station, that appeared to not have been filled up or touched for several days.

The track then went into a chemical plant under a gate. I waited outside while Pukkie's person went inside to get permission to enter. We were not allowed to enter, so we had to walk all the way around to the sidewalk outside the plant and pick up the scent there, which we did. However from there, Pukkie entered a massive Bayer facility on Grayson Street. We talked to security, but they would not allow us to come in for any reason.

After about 45 minutes of talking to various security (since we were told to ask another location, but eventually still denied entry), we decided to check the perimeter of the plant and find his track leading out. We did find his track coming out of one of the large gates and we continued to follow it from there around the Bayer facility and continued through Berkeley.

Eventually we crossed over the highway again and back into the Marina district, near where Pukkie was lost. The track went near the park, but then turned away and back toward the frontage road and highway. Here the track continued for several miles along the frontage road and walking path, all the way into Emeryville.

Here is were track #2 picks up.

We followed the track into a business park and around. Here we had a confirmed sighting of a dog that looked like Pukkie just the day before, walking with a small grey dog, but it was unknown if it was morning or afternoon. We went to that spot and the dog's did pick up Pukkie's scent. From here it went all the way out to the tip of the point and marina.

Pukkie's person had a call from a person who said she thought she saw Pukkie just that morning at 2 AM in Oakland at 34th and Peralta, walking with two other dogs, one of them being a small grey dog, near a recycling center. Based on where we were on the point, that sighting was on a short drive away and definitely do-able in time for Pukkie.

We drove to that location, and the dog's did pick up Pukkie's scent. We continued the search from here and followed it several more miles across Mandela Parkway and down near the old, abandoned railroad station just near the 980 on ramp and Grand Avenue. One person we talked to who lived in the area, said that packs of dogs were known to roam.

Here we stopped the search as we were loosing daylight. They would continue the search for Pukkie.

Pukkie track #1:

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Pukkie track #2:

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Total Distance: 6.28 km (3.9 mi)
Total Time: 1:31:07
Moving Time: 49:38
Average Pace: 14.50 min/km (23.3 min/mi)
Average Moving Pace: 7.90 min/km (12.7 min/mi)
Min Pace: 6.14 min/km (9.9 min/mi)
Min Elevation: -49 m (-162 ft)
Max Elevation: 1 m (2 ft)
Elevation Gain: 239 m (785 ft)
Max Grade: -6 %
Min Grade: -9 %
Recorded: Thu Aug 26 16:22:58 PDT 2010

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 8/26/10)