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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Captain", Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Moraga - Found


On February 28, 2012, I received an email that Captain was found deceased at the bottom of the large pond on their property. I saw the pond while initially checking the property and confirmed that Captain was not inside there. Even Captain's person said, "Yes, he is not in there." Since the yard had open access to the street, I told Captain's person that it appears that Captain returned to the property and fell into the pond. However, Captain's person felt that Captain never left the property and was in the pond the entire time, even though I told him that we both checked the pond and confirmed that he was not there when we checked. 


Search Details:

Captain is an un-neutered 13 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He is wearing a blue collar with ID tags, but he is not microchipped. He walked out of the backyard after a side gate got left open.

We followed the track from out of the house and up into the massive EBMUD open space behind their home. This area has multiple reservoirs, and this is also a place where they hike a couple of times a week on a regular basis. 

We followed the track on all types of trails, yet throughout the whole search Captain's person insisted Dino was never following his dog's track. He believed that Dino was following old trails instead of a current one. He insisted from the beginning his dog was picked up by a passer-by and attributed this to a person who he felt was doing something against him to be vindictive. Even after the search, he still believed his dog was picked up and insisted I restart the search to confirm that Dino would pick up the same track. After the search, I received an email insisting upon a refund of the full search fees. 

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Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total distance: 6.81 km (4.2 mi)
Total time: 2:55:35
Moving time: 1:23:13
Average speed: 2.33 km/h (1.4 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 4.91 km/h (3.0 mi/h)
Max speed: 7.96 km/h (4.9 mi/h)
Min elevation: 136 m (447 ft)
Max elevation: 334 m (1095 ft)
Elevation gain: 391 m (1284 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 2/6/12 3:23 PM
Activity type: -