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Monday, February 27, 2012

"Sparky," Chihuahua mix, Black with white, San Jose - Found!


Search Details:

Sparky is a one year old, all black Chihuahua. He is not wearing a collar, but he is microchipped.

He was last seen running around the parking lot of a Best Buy store. He jumped out of the car of his people who were shopping in a nearby store.

We started the search, and found the track leading away from the shopping center.

Within 10 minutes, I was told to stop the search by Sparky's person. She said she did not believe that Dino was tracking her dog.

She never returned the reflective vest and never paid me for it. She immediately disputed the credit card charge when she got home, stating I never provided the service of tracking her dog. After two weeks, PayPal favored me in the dispute and I got the full $260 deposit.

I heard that Sparky was found several days later.