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Monday, March 5, 2012

"Gretchen", Dachshund mix, Brown with Black, San Jose - Found!


Search Details:

Gretchen is a 12 lbs Dachshund mix. She was wearing a purple harness, a white collar with an ID tag and dragging a black leash. She is also microchipped. Gretchen had just been adopted that same day from Silicon Valley Humane Society.

Gretchen is very shy and reserved around strangers. 

Gretchen has escaped through an open gate in the small yard. She was spotted in the area for a couple of days, but the time she was being spotted was very early in the morning and late evening. A humane trap was set in the yard, and she was seen near the trap, but she would not go into it. 

We found her track leading away from the home and led several miles into an open space and shooting range. The search was called off at the four hour minimum. 

A couple of days later Gretchen was trapped in the humane trap back at her new home. 

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Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total distance: 8.44 km (5.2 mi)
Total time: 3:10:13
Moving time: 1:29:49
Average speed: 2.66 km/h (1.7 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.64 km/h (3.5 mi/h)
Max speed: 12.61 km/h (7.8 mi/h)
Min elevation: 38 m (123 ft)
Max elevation: 127 m (416 ft)
Elevation gain: 345 m (1132 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 3/5/2012 9:53 AM
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