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Friday, March 23, 2012

"Kimchi," DSH, Grey Tabby, Foster City


I received this email a few days after the search:

"Thanks Jackie.  We're hoping that she is trying to get back to where she got lost and retracing her path from there.  At the end of the parking lot where we stopped is the bridge where Kimchi crossed into San Mateo.  The Bay Cat Project is a fairly well organized, they sent out an SOS email to their 40 volunteers to be on the lookout along the levee for a new cat showing up.  Hopefully we'll get some hits there.  Thanks again for your and Dino's efforts yesterday.  As I told the family last night, their are a number of positives we can take from this: she's alive as of yesterday, we know a general direction, he can get food at the levee, and she is continually on the move, hopefully back into foster city.  It's given us so hope and an area to focus on passing out flyers. It's more than we knew a day ago.

Thanks again,


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