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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Enigma," DSH, White with Orange, Los Altos - Found!

We had a search scheduled for early the next morning, but Enigma was found prior to me coming out.


Enigma is a twelve year old white with orange DSH, originally from West Africa. When he went missing he was not wearing a collar but he is microchipped. 

Enigma disappeared from a house where his people were visiting. He lives in Mountain View, but was visiting a home in Los Altos. 

There were a couple of sightings of Enigma, and we had intended to start from a confirmed sighting in a business park in a HP parking lot at Page Mill Road and Hanover.

I received a voicemail later that night, before the search, that Enigma was seen back at his home, several miles away from the sighting.