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Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Cedric", Stripped Siamese, Woodacre - Found!

(This is an email from Marta Williams, the animal communicator who helped with Cedric.)

"hey Jackie

Cedric came home! I did some belief clearing for him and he just showed up.... cool eh?"

(This is the email from Cedric's person to Marta.)

You are remarkable. Cedric showed up at our neighbor's house this morning. This is the neighbor I share him with. They have an 11 year old girl who he jumps into bed with in the morning. She tells her Mom she can't get up because snuggling with Cedric is heaven. She is so right. I'm going to pick him up when the kids leave for school. Thank you from the deepest part of my being. I felt like I was missing a part of my soul. Helping him end his walk about and allowing him to return to those who love him is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. You are an angel.

Warmest Regards,

Cedric is a free access indoor/outdoor neutered three year old stripped Siamese. He is wearing a red collar and is microchipped. He is very friendly with everybody and is known to regularly visit many houses in the area. One morning he did not show up for breakfast.

There were sightings of Cedric on a nearby hillside, and the only scent article we had to use was a door mat of a nearby neighbor, where Cedric was known to hang out. We also did have an old carrier that was stored in an outdoor garage that had not been used for months. We went to the hillside and did find Cedric's scent and followed it all over the nearby hill, up walking paths and down and back toward town and toward  his home.

At this point, Cedric's person told me that there had been another sighting of Cedric that she thought was after the sighting on the hillside. She said she had forgotten about telling me about that. I reminded her that we could have cut out the last hour of following a track that was not the most current.

We went to this place, which was a yard down the street from her house. Cedric's person was doubtful that the sighting was truly Cedric because she did not feel he ever traveled that far, but later told me about other times when she did find Cedric in various parts of the town when she went out driving around and looking for him.

According to the dogs, the track was Cedric's. It went through a couple of yards and then down a street and out to a busier street. From there it went down that street and then up another street and then up another street where several houses were under construction. We then figured out that these streets were near a walking path that Cedric's person told me he was sighted on in the past. This path led from nearby her home and then up to this street. Cedric's scent was all over these houses and up and down the streets.

One of the houses was not under construction. It happened to be a house of a friend of Cedric's person. We talked to the home owner/friend and told her who we were looking for, and she was very helpful and friendly and allowed us to follow Cedric's track around her property. She did acknowledge that many times her German Shepherd, who was allowed loose on the property periodically, would chase unknown animals around the unfenced property, which was probably several acres and bordered on a creek and public walking path.

From this house Cedric's scent continued down the street, back out to the busy street and then went up to another street where other vacant lots for sale existed. The whole town of Woodacre is very remote and rural in the far west of Marin. The place we ended the track at per Cedric's request was even more remote and wooded than the town.

Based on this, my guess is that Cedric actually had a pretty wide territory, moving around the small town regularly. I believe that Cedric's regular territory actually included these two streets with the vacant lots for sale and the houses under construction.

I recommended that Cedric's person continue to put out flyers and posters along these streets and in town. I recommended that she drive around with her window down putting out her scent and giving Cedric a way to get home. She asked me what my opinion was about using an animal communicator, and I recommended that she talk to Marta Williams. I gave her Marta's website. The communication from Marta at the beginning of this post is the outcome of that recommendation.

By the way, we had a lot of problems with dogs off leash throughout the town. Apparently, residents in Woodacre don't believe in using a leash to walk their dogs and allow their dogs loose as they walk around. Cedric's person tried many times to talk to people and to hold on their dogs as we followed the track. Most did not comply and seemed confused why somebody was even asking them such a silly request.