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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Lou", DSH, Grey and White Tabby, Aptos - Found!

Lou is a neutered, seven year old grey and white tabby. He is not wearing a collar or a microchip or tattoo. His people had recently moved to this new home. After about one week, Lou went outside one day and did not return. He had been missing for one week when I was called.

We had a time scheduled for a search on a Tuesday morning. I received a call about 8 PM on Monday evening saying that Lou had been found. His people had received a phone call from a neighbor from their previous home that Lou had returned there. He had traveled over eight miles in a week to return to the previous home.

This story is to accentuate the strong ability of an animal to travel very long distances in a short time. I have had many cases of animals traveling long distances, and yet many people still don't believe that their supposedly sedate pet could travel so far, even after seeing the search for their pet. I have people who still want to check back at their home for their pet after we have just performed a multi hour search for their pet following a track that spanned many, many miles.