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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Elvis", DLH, Black, San Francisco

Elvis is a black 18 year old, neutered DLH. He is wearing a pink collar with an ID tag, but does not have a microchip. His brother and littermate had passed away from cancer just a few months prior to Elvis being missing.

I do have to mention that in this case, I had the most difficult time finding a place to park. Everything was two hour parking for blocks in every direction. I finally had to park in a public parking lot at the De Young Museum, which was over 10 blocks away.

A couple of sightings inside gardens were made of Elvis within 24 hours of when his person last saw him. We started there. The dogs found his track and followed it out to the street. From there the track led away from the house for several miles through many neighborhoods, Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, several construction sites, more neighborhoods and public parks. Eventually, the track went all the way to Baker Beach on the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge. The track went onto the beach and all the way down to the end, which eventually went over some high and slippery rocks. The tide was high so we could not go around the cliff.

The funniest part of the whole search was the beach that we ended up. Neither of us knew that it was a gay nude beach, and I think the young gentlemen there were surprised to see two females and two dogs walking toward them. Once we figured out that we could not follow the track any further, I decided to let the dogs run loose on the beach and play since they had put in a hard several hours of tracking. Elvis' person made a phone call to ask a friend to come pick us up, so we did not leave the area quickly, which I think caused a bit more surprise.

After doing the search for Elvis, I still had time to visit the De Young Museum and try to see the King Tut exhibit. However, when I saw the $35 price per ticket, I decided to not see it. I decided instead to look at all the exhibits outside the made exhibit and look through the shop and books. I got a general idea of the main exhibit.