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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Tiki", DSH, Grey Tabby with White, Palo Alto - FOUND!

Tiki is an indoor only spayed six year old DSH. She does not have a collar, but does have a microchip.

She opened the front door and escaped as her person was in another room. A few minutes after Tiki took off, a cat fight was heard out in front of her home. Her people looked all over for her, but could not find  her.

The GPS tracking stopped working while we were out in the far reaches of an open space. Looking at the map, our tracked continued along the same trail, all the way to the distant parking lot, then into the Google campus, including the large soccer field. At this point, it was getting dark, and we had to stop. The total distance was probably around twelve to thirteen miles. Her people are going to keep looking for her.

The blue pin off of Embarcadero, near the freeway is where we tracked her to a fence behind a house. Tiki went through a hole in the fence and onto the other side onto Sierra Court. Here the track continued.

View Tiki in a larger map