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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Ginger" Pit Bull, Red/Brown, San Jose - Found!


Hi Jackie,

Thanks again so much for helping us last Friday, especially on such short notice. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your and Dino's help!

As we called it a night and I was driving home (back to Berkeley!), the San Jose shelter called me saying they had picked up a dog with my rescue tag with the name "Ginger". I have to tell you that was the best call of my life!!!! So relieved they got her. They even took her straight from the location where they found her (somewhere on 16th St, they didn't remember the cross street) to her foster home. So she is safe and sound once again!

Thank you so much once again!!!

Diana Rapa
The Perfect Dog 
(510) 333-4420


Search Details:

Ginger is a one year old, red female pit bull who was recently rescued from a shelter and is a foster dog with The Perfect Dog rescue. She was temporary at a new foster home, but she jumped the fence immediately upon arriving. She is wearing an ID tag with collar and she is microchipped. 

She was spotted a couple of times in a large public park near to the foster home. We followed the track for several miles.

I got a call a couple of hours after the search that night that Ginger had been picked up by Animal Services within the City of San Jose. 


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Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total distance: 7.21 km (4.5 mi)
Total time: 2:48:48
Moving time: 1:15:42
Average speed: 2.56 km/h (1.6 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.71 km/h (3.5 mi/h)
Max speed: 10.23 km/h (6.4 mi/h)
Min elevation: 4 m (14 ft)
Max elevation: 58 m (189 ft)
Elevation gain: 354 m (1162 ft)
Max grade: -2 %
Min grade: -6 %
Recorded: 1/6/2012 3:10 PM
Activity type: -