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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Mochi, Snowshoe Siamese, Seal Point with White, San Geronimo/West Marin

Still missing as of February 16, 2012.


Email received  January 23, 2012
Hi, Jackie!
This is Mochi's Daddy writing!  You and Dino helped us track our cat Mochi from our home in San Geronimo exactly three weeks ago (Jan 2).  We got a very good lead from that, which was the possibility of him getting transported in the truck of an electrician to his neighborhood in Boyes Hot Springs, near Sonoma.  We immediately posted signs all over his neighborhood.  
Just this past Thursday, we got an excellent new lead.  I received a call from a very nice lady who takes care of several neighborhood cats, including feeding them on her porch, and is generally aware of all of the stray cats around.  She also volunteers at the shelter, PetsLifeline.  She believes that she saw Mochi at 5pm on her porch, and recognized him from one of our fliers.  I went over to the neighborhood as soon as I could, but no luck, he had vanished.  The next day, I posted more signs in the rain... but, no Mochi sighting.  Saturday, at 5pm, he returned to her porch, and this time she got a good enough look at him to see that he was a.) very likely Mochi (there are no other Siamese cats in the neighborhood), and b.) he is quite thin and hungry looking... understandable after 3.5 weeks of being homeless!  I went over again (it's an hour away from here!) and left out a can of cat food, his carrier, and some yogurt, which he likes very much, and called his name all over the neighborhood - she lives in a little community of double-wides, so there are lots of little cottages to hide under.  Overnight, someone devoured the cat food left on the porch (it could have been another cat, though).  Sunday, I returned at 4:45pm, and stayed on the porch until midnight.  It was pouring rain, and there was no sign of Mochi.  We figured that perhaps he had eaten the can of food from the night before and decided that he wasn't hungry enough to leave his hiding place to brave the rain, or simply just the latter.  I will return tomorrow evening, when it is not supposed to be raining, and hold "vigil" until midnight, or when he shows up.
Thanks again for all of your help, and best wishes


Search Details:

Mochi is an indoor/outdoor, two year old neutered Siamese with white on his feet. He is microchipped and wearing a collar with an ID tag. 

The property they live on is over two acres and in a remote area of West Marin. 

We did not find a track leading out from the property. The same day that Mochi went missing, there was a plumbing contractor on the property all day. He acknowledged he did have his van doors open, and he said that cats will regularly jump into his van. He lives in Boyes Hot Springs, almost two hours from San Geronimo. 

I suggested that Mochi's people look for him in BHS. 

About two weeks later, I received an email that Mochi had been spotted in BHS by a person who saw the flyers/posters in the area of where the contractor lives. 

We went out there and did find a track of Mochi. We followed it for several hours until it too dark to continue.

Mochi was repeatedly seen in the area. Traps have been set, but, so far, Mochi has been caught inside them. 

Day #1

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Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total distance: 7.73 km (4.8 mi)
Total time: 3:25:14
Moving time: 1:17:52
Average speed: 2.26 km/h (1.4 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.96 km/h (3.7 mi/h)
Max speed: 12.81 km/h (8.0 mi/h)
Min elevation: 80 m (262 ft)
Max elevation: 196 m (643 ft)
Elevation gain: 346 m (1136 ft)
Max grade: 1 %
Min grade: -3 %
Recorded: 1/2/12 9:18 AM
Activity type: -

Day #2:

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Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total distance: 14.40 km (8.9 mi)
Total time: 5:05:40
Moving time: 2:32:18
Average speed: 2.83 km/h (1.8 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.67 km/h (3.5 mi/h)
Max speed: 9.23 km/h (5.7 mi/h)
Min elevation: 4 m (14 ft)
Max elevation: 56 m (184 ft)
Elevation gain: 531 m (1741 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 1/23/12 1:06 PM
Activity type: -