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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Scooby", DLH, Buff/Orange, Fremont - Found!


Scooby is an indoor only, two year old, buff and orange DLH. He is microchipped, but he is not wearing a collar.

The same day that Scooby went missing, there was a plumber at the home who accessed the pipes from a trap door in a closet.

Scooby's person said she was positive she saw Scooby after the plumber left, so she did not think he was trapped under the house, as I thought. There was no way he could have left the house. He was not seen leaving the house, and there were no sightings of him outside the house.

Upon arriving to the house for the search, Scooby's person ran out to my car and said that Scooby was found under the house. She said she started to hear him meow as she was in that part of the house. Her husband went under the house and did see Scooby at the far corner of the house.

I suggested moving one of the traps from outside to under the house to see if he would go inside it.

I got a call later that night that Scooby finally came to where the trap door was, which was where Scooby's person was sitting all day.