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Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Ganja," DLH, Grey/Brown Tabby, Dillon Beach - Found!

I received an email a few days after the search that Ganja was found back near his house. His person continues to believe that Ganja never travelled on the track we followed. She believes that Ganja was there the whole time and never left.



Ganja is an indoor only, neutered, six year old, brown tabby DLH. He is not wearing a collar and he is not microchipped. 

Ganja was missing for over one week without a single sighting when we did the search.

How he got out of the house is still not known, but he did get out with another cat. That cat did return home by the evening, but Ganja did not return. 

His people did confirm that their area, which is directly on the coast and surrounded by miles of open space in every direction, did have a lot of various wildlife critters in the area like fox, coyotes, feral cats and bobcats. Many of the homes in the area are vacations rentals and remain vacant for long periods of time throughout the year.

After checking the entire perimeter of the house, we did find a track that led away from the house and eventually onto the beach, back to the road and then back to the beach, and followed the beach for miles straight up Tomales Bay. 

I had a difficult time with the GPS map, which is common with searches directly on the coast. After several attempts I finally got the GPS to work, and the map below followed us to the point of where we finally stopped due to loss of daylight, and they requested to stop at the four hour mark. 

View Ganja Dillon Beach in a larger map

Created by My Tracks on Android.
Name: Ganja Dillon Beach
Activity type: -
Description: -
Total distance: 1.50 km (0.9 mi)
Total time: 41:53
Moving time: 29:17
Average speed: 2.14 km/h (1.3 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 3.07 km/h (1.9 mi/h)
Max speed: 7.59 km/h (4.7 mi/h)
Average pace: 28.00 min/km (45.1 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 19.57 min/km (31.5 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 7.90 min/km (12.7 min/mi)
Max elevation: -4 m (-13 ft)
Min elevation: -14 m (-45 ft)
Elevation gain: 19 m (64 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 10/27/2012 3:58pm