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Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Gordo" Pit Bull, Blue Brindle, Oakland

Gordo is a 1 1/2 year old male blue brindle pit bull who broke out of the gate of the backyard along with his housemate, Zombie. Gordo is unneutered, microchipped, and not wearing a collar.

Zombie was found at the shelter the next morning, but Gordo was not with him. Gordo's person put up flyers all over the immediate neighborhood. He called me the next day.

Initially, we started tracking Gordo around his immediate neighborhood, and Dino would come back to Gordo's house. Part of this was because Gordo's person would walk Gordo regularly in the neighborhood, so Dino was picking up on Gordo' recent scent. What we had to look for was a track that led in another direction where Gordo's person confirmed he had not walked him previously. After about a half hour, we found a track that led away from the house to the right of the gate where the two dogs had escaped.

This track took us all throughout Oakland for miles and miles and hour after hour. While we were out tracking Gordo we would hear from people that said, "I saw that dog yesterday." and "I saw that dog this afternoon." and "I saw that dog just two hours ago." and "That dog was here just recently sleeping in the corner."

By 9 PM, we were within one 1/2 hour behind Gordo back at Gordo's neighborhood and we got a call that Gordo got picked up by a senior lady walking by in the neighborhood.

Gordo's person is still trying to find out who this elderly lady is.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 2/10/10)