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Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Jack" Doberman Pinscher - Vallejo

Jack is an adult black and tan Doberman and was wearing a black, studded leather collar and matching harness when he jumped out of his person's vehicle while driving on Highway 29 in Vallejo at about 8:30 PM. He jumped into oncoming traffic and it is unknown if he was injured from the fall. His family lives nearby in another neighborhood of Vallejo. He is a frequent visitor to the dog park on Mare Island.

There had been a couple of sightings of him that night, and I came out with Dino the next afternoon. We started at a set of railroad tracks where Jack was spotted, which was a few block from where the live and a few blocks from where he jumped out.

Dino led up down the tracks, which were not in current use. There was a lot of garbage and obvious signs of very heavy homeless use. We continued down the tracks and then turned up a path to the busy street. Dino crossed the street and was very insistent about going into a small local market. We asked if a Doberman had been seen going in, and they said "no." We checked the area again both directions, and the scent seemed to stop right at this store.

We continued up the street to the spot where Jack had jumped out of the car, and Dino picked up the scent again, going up 29 and turning right, which led us to a small block size park, that had a lot of construction going on. Dino indicated the direction out of the park and back into the neighborhood, which eventually led us to cross 29 again. This took us to another neighborhood and then, eventually, back out onto 29, where, after several blocks, the scent ended at a large intersection.

My advice to Jack's family was that he had been picked up sometime in the night at that large intersection after he made the rounds of half the city during the night. I suggested that they put up large flourescent posters at that intersection and along the way of the track to see if anybody saw anything.

(entered into lost pet questionnaire 2/4/10)