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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Nan", Grey/White Tabby, Alameda - Found!

Update - About one week later I received an email from Nan's person that Nan was found underneath a car hood in their neighborhood while they were out posting flyers. They found out who owned the car, opened the hood and pulled her out. She is now safe at home.

(This is the letter from Nan's family)

Dear Jackie and Dino,

I am happy to report that we found our Nan! My children, my dog and I
were just heading out with a stack of 50 more fliers, and were going
to go door to door at the houses I haven't been to yet. We had just
started down the street when I heard Nan start meowing . I thought she
was underneath a car, but I got down on my hands & knees to look, but
no Nan. My next thought was the nearby storm drain, but the meows were
to close. I then realized that her meows were not coming from under
the car, they were coming from INSIDE the engine of the car!!! I got
down under the car and I could see her tail , and then other parts of
her as she squirmed and tried to get out.

The neighbor whose car this was was lives two doors down. She was not
home, but another neighbor reached her on her cell phone. She has been
in Vancouver for two days. A relative came over immediately to unlock
the car, pop the hood, and I was able to wedge her out and put her in
the cat carrier. We took her home and gave her food and water, but
kept her in the carrier, so my husband could take her down to the
emergency vet for a thorough exam. She received some fluids for mild
dehydration, but otherwise she seems great, just a little thin and

It is unknown what would have happened had she not gotten trapped in
the car. I am glad we kept the buffet, camera and traps going, as this
may have been the best way to get her, had she not helped us out by
trapping herself!!!

Thanks so much for all your help. I am so glad to be able to report
our happy ending!

(Search details)
Nan is an indoor only eight year old grey and white tabby. Her person believes she escaped from the garage in the back of the house last Wednesday. I came out yesterday, which was almost one week. She is wearing a collar with an ID tag, but no microchip.

Nan's person has been putting out feeding stations just behind her house and has been setting humane traps on her driveway. She said she can tell animals have been eating and going into the traps.

Dino picked up her track leading from the rear garage, down the street, across the strip park along the frontage road that is behind Nan's house. We than crossed the street and went along the chain link fence that surrounds the old Navy base. This base is massive and is, for the most part, deserted and abandoned. We did pick up Nan's scent along the fence and then Dino indicated Nan went in and out through small holes in the fence. We continued down the fence to another large open gate. Dino crossed that street and then indicated the scent went right and crossed back over the frontage road, back toward the neighborhood where Nan lives. We checked up and down the strip park again, but Dino indicated there wasn't any scent there. Instead he went up into the neighborhood and went around a couple of blocks and back to within a 1/2 block of where she lives. We checked the area to the right of the house, but there wasn't any scent there.

We decided to drive back over to the base and check for scent coming out of the holes in the chain link fence and look more closely at that area. Once inside the base, we found the holes in the fence that Dino indicated, and he quickly picked up Nan's scent and went into another fenced building, which led into a network of fenced and deserted buildings.

We did find a person inside one of the fenced buildings who had a storage unit inside one of the buildings. He said he thought he heard a cat meowing a few days ago inside another building. We brought Dino and had he check the building, which was full of all kinds of storage items. He did indicate one spot under a bunch of furniture that had very strong scent and he scratched and pawed at the area, which is his indication of the source of the scent. Since the person with the storage unit said they were about to leave, Nan's person decided to come back the next day when he would return and set a trap inside the buidling to see if animal was still inside the building.

After three hours, we determined that Nan was still around in the area. She could be returning to her neighborhood to eat the food being put out. We also think she is hanging out at the base, which provides isolation and more freedom. Nan's person will continue to put out the feeding stations both behind her house and at the base. She also has a motion sensor camera to see if Nan is coming to the feeding station. We want to keep Nan in the area close to home which the feeding stations will help with instead of forcing her further into the base or into another neighborhood to find food.