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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Basil", DSH, Grey Tabby with White, Bangor, CA

Basil is a six year old neutered grey tabby with white. He is wearing a collar with ID tag and he is microchipped. He has been at his current home for one month. He had been missing for one week when I was called.

First we had to make a flyer because Basil's person had just received a photo from Basil former person, who is currently living in Japan. We used my Sample Flyer to create a clean and clear flyer.

Basil's people live on several acres and the inner yard is all fenced in with outer fences surrounding the property where various animals are housed. We started by checking the inner fenced area for any tracks leading out. We did find one in the pasture that holds the donkeys. It led over one of the corners of the pasture. However, there are also several very loud and obnoxious barking dogs in the neighbor's yard that also met us there. Basil would not hang out there, but probably jump the fence in a hurry.

We checked around and then found another track that led down the driveway out to the main road. At the bottom of the road the track turned to the left and then went all the way out to the larger paved road which leads in and out of town. At that road the track crossed over and then went right for a short distance and then made a sharp right turn into a drainage pipe which crossed under the road and led out to the other side. However, we did not find a track that led away from the pipe but instead back into the pipe and back out to the original side.

We continued to follow that down the road in the opposite direction for a couple of miles. It then turned up a paved road into private property. From there it continued up the road all the way to where we saw some people and told hem what we were doing. They said it was OK to keep checking. We followed the track up the road all the way to the house. From there it went around and around a huge pile of old cars and a bunch of junk. From there it went down a hill toward what looked to be an old fireroad or horse trail. We followed that along until the track turned to followed a fence.

By this time, we were approaching the three hour minimum and Basil's person needed to get back to her kids who was being babysit by somebody who needed to leave.

We figure that Basil may have gotten chased off the property by an animal and is out wandering around and will come home soon. He is an experienced outdoor cat.