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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Bently", DSH, Grey Tabby with White, Los Gatos - Found!

Bentley is a neutered, indoor only, six year old DSH grey tabby white paws and chest. He is not wearing a collar, but he is microchipped. He had been missing for a couple of weeks before I was called. I actually came across Bentley's person while on the search for Raven, the Standard Poodle, in Los Gatos. I gave her my card and she called me a couple of days later. There are five additional cats in the apartment, but we were still able to find an article with just Bentley's scent on it.

There had been a confirmed sighting of Bentley just about four days prior. This was on the doorstep of an apartment inside a complex about two blocks away. We went there and there was a strong scent away from the door and toward some bushes and a drain pipe. We check the bushes but did not find any cat. Both dogs were very eager about a large drain pipe. Dot went in as far as she could, and I shown a flashlight in as far as I could, but the pipe was pretty long and I could not see the end. We decided to set a trap there in case Bentley was coming and going from that pipe, but just not in there now.

We did find his track leading away from the complex and down through downtown Los Gatos, onto the trail that goes along the creek and then winded up and down. Then after about a mile, the track suddenly stopped and turned around and went back down and then headed off in another direction that would eventually take a long way back into town.

We decided to head back and check some other directions that the dogs also indicated scent. When we got back to the door step of the apartment complex, the scent headed down into another neighborhood, through walkways, under gates and into more neighborhoods. The scent eventually came right to the yard of a house several miles away. We followed the scent around the house and then over a fence with a steep drop. That house was actually in another neighborhood with access from another street. It was getting dark, so we decided to head back and she said she would continue the search on her own based on where we left off.

I got a call two days later that Bentley was found inside a neighbor's house, a lower level, where their cat has free indoor/outdoor access and free feeding food. He was well fed and looked good. They figured that Bentley had been coming and going from this spot for the three weeks he had been gone. During this time he has been making the rounds of Los Gatos.