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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Sadie", English Shepherd, Woodside

Sadie is a two year old, spayed black and white English Shepherd, which closely resembles a Border Collie. Sadie had recently come to this home from English Shepherd rescue, who got her from a very large puppy mill bust with all English Shepherds in Minnesota in 2008. Her personality is described as very shy and undersocialzed and will not approach another person. According to her person she was comfortable around her other dogs. She is microchipped and wearing a collar with ID tags. One night she walked out of the house through an open dog door, that got left open by mistake. She had been missing for a few days before I was called.

She had been spotted off and on in the nearby area and on a local preserve run by Stanford University. The day before I got there she had been spotted within a block of her person's house, within the neighborhood. And that morning, her person said that she thought she spotted Sadie in her large front yard down closer to the road. She said the dog looked kind of like Sadie, but it was still dark and the person was standing inside her house quite a ways away from the dog. She said she saw the dog ran toward the home the other tenant on the property and down into a creek behind her house. She thought maybe it was her tenant's dog, but he confirmed the dog was inside the house at the time, even though the dog has known to be outside unattended.

When I got there we went to the spot in her front yard and started there. I tried in different directions to see if Dino picked up her scent, but all I got was a "no" from Dino, which meant that do she saw was not Sadie.

So we decided to try the sighting from the afternoon before. We found one track that led up a street to a house that was vacant with empty horse stalls and pastures. It looked like Sadie had been spending some time there since it was quiet and isolated. The track then went down the road, down another road and then into the front yard of her person, but then back out and back down the road toward the busy road. At the road, the track turned left and led along the horse/walking trail alongside the road.

After a couple of blocks, the tracked turned left up a road where some large houses were. The track went all the way to the end of the road and up onto the very large property at the dead end. The track went to the back of the property where the creek went. The track went all along the creek, back in the direction of Sadie's home. When I told Sadie's person about that, she said that creek is the same creek that runs along her property. That would make sense, she said, that Sadie is traveling along that creek. It is quiet and safe for her.

Her person wanted me to check one more spot. She wanted me to check the end of the street and see if the scent goes into the street or right back into the nature preserve that has access in the direction.

I checked in the area. I did find a track that led across the street and then made a left at the next street. It went down the street for a couple of blocks and then led left down another street. Here I stopped because it was not safe due to the very narrow streets and lack of sidewalks and that Sadie's person said she only wanted me to go for a short distance. I thought I could show her the area and she could follow up with flyers in that area.

When I got back to her place, I told her where I went, and she said she would follow up in that area. She was not happy that Sadie would go in that direction since it was very dangerous with the narrow roads and fast cars.

She wanted to try setting up a feeding station on her property near the road. She said she could set up a light and the bowls in an area where she can still see it from her front window. She said she would continue to look for Sadie, also, in the surrounding areas.