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Friday, November 20, 2009

"Guido", DSH, Grey Tabby with White, San Jose

Guido is an indoor/outdoor neutered, six month old grey tabby with white. He is wearing a collar with ID tags and he is microchipped. He is very friendly with strangers. He was missing for a few days when I was called.

A couple of possible sightings were made, but it was not sure if that cat was another cat that lives in neighborhood that also looks very similar to Guido.

We found a track that led out of the immediate neighborhood. Within a very short time, it appeared to me that Guido was inside a vehicle and had been carried out of the neighborhood. The track went through a neighborhood, through a school parking lot and through more neighborhoods. Finally the track went through a shopping center parking lot and straight up to a veterinary hospital. Guido's person went into the hospital and asked if they had seen Guido, and the staff there said "no." Directly next to the hospital was attached a large pet store. We were not sure if the person who picked up Guido went into the hospital and then brought him into the store. I suggested that Guido's person check with the staff of the hospital at the time he disappeared. She said she would go back to check.

The track did come back out of the hospital and then went down the parking lot and then made a right and into another apartment complex parking lot. From there it appeared to just jog suddenly off the the left and around another parking lot and then through another and through a business park. It looked like Guido was now on his own and not in a vehicle anymore.

The track continued like this for a shorter distance, and then it started to rain. I did not have a rain jacket and Guido's person needed to get to work. I agreed to get a ride back to their house, get a rain jacket and drive my car back to that spot and restart the track and to continue it.

I continued to follow the track for a few more blocks, which led into another neighborhood and around some blocks to a dead end. At this point I stopped per Guido's people to stop at a certain time.

I walked back to my car and then drove back to their house to tell them what I found. They said they would continue to look for Guido and to check with the hospital staff at the time he disappeared.